Feel like unwinding you after your long flight or journey?
We are happy to offer you the comfortable and pleasant stay at Spa Yunosato!

‘Spa Yunosato’ is located at the foot of Mt. Koya. You can experience 10 different types of bath with our SPECIAL waters called GOLD Water and SILVER Water. And also our original mineral water, TSUKINO SHIZUKU is available all for bathing, drinking and meals here! We, all of our staff have been treasuring these waters since it welled up here in 1980s.

Why so cozy, relaxing and comfortable? Here is the perfect place to unwind you after the long journey and experience Japan! When it grabs your interest, just hop on the train! Feel our special waters embracing you! That’ll be one of your memorable days during your stay in Japan!

What’s GOLD Water?
We named it "Gold Water" which is ‘germless water’. But it includes lots of minerals in it which welled up from 50 m underground after the earthquake in 1980s. Drinking Gold Water resets water in your body! And making tea/coffee with Gold Water tastes even nicer!

What’s SILVER Water?
We named it "Silver Water" which is spa water welled up from 1187 m! More minerals and energy are contained! It is also called “ancient water” as this water stayed deep underground for many decades and welled up. Regular users of spraying Silver Water are not only normal skin, but dried or sensitive skin. They feel very different after use.

What’s Tsukino Shizuku?
Due to the above features of our waters, blended Gold and Silver Waters including highly balanced mineral ingredients are our original mineral water, Tsukino Shizuku! It is said that drinking Tsukino Shizuku before and after bath, or during a day is helpful to stay healthy. Lots of visitors/hotel guests travel over here to enjoy our bath, meals and stay at Spa Yunosato and Inn Konono.

And also, we have good reputations from especially people having sensitive skin or skin troubles who feel much better and softer skin after bath.

Besides, not only for people but also let us talk about another example for plants. We grow various kinds of orchids here with Tsukino Shizuku. (Visit our cafe on the first floor at Spa Yunosato!) When we fill flower pot tray with tapped water, the roots rot soon. But Tsukino Shizuku, highly balanced in nutrition-wise mineral water, enables orchids to grow beautifully and live longer when watered and filled pot tray. And they bloom every year and it lasts more than five years! ‘Orchid lovers’ were amazed and they call it ‘unbelievable and miracle effect’!

Yunosato Baths

Enjoy TEN KINDS of baths at Spa Yunosato!!

月のしずく風呂 : Tsukino Shizuku Baths

ジェットバス : Jacuzzi
Just relax in TSUKINO SHIZUKU jacuzzi!
That improves your blood circulation!
スチームサウナ : Steam Sauna
Enjoy steam mist of TSUKINO SHIZUKU!
露天風呂 : Outdoor Bath
Bathe in TSUKINO SHIZUKU outdoor bath and enjoy the Mt.Koya mountain view! Find the beauty of nature and scenery, not only the contrast of beautiful greenery with blue sky, but a sea of clouds depending on weather & seasons!
気泡風呂 : Bubble Bath
Enjoy TSUKINO SHIZUKU Bubble Bath with ‘massage’ effect!
低温風呂 : Warm Bath
Warm Bath with TSUKINO SHIZUKU enables you to relax for long bath.
Especially half body bathing makes you sweat a lot for metabolism!

金水風呂 : GOLD WATER Baths

シャワー : Shower
Take a GOLD WATER Shower before bathing!
Swedish Style Sauna with Gold Water
ロッキーサウナ : Swedish Style Sauna with Gold Water
Swedish Style Sauna, but with GOLD WATER is only available here in the world!
足湯: Foot Bath
Sit back and warm up your feet with GOLD WATER that warms up all of your body & makes better blood circulation!!
水風呂 : Water Bath
Feel cool for metabolism with GOLD WATER after sauna!!

Yunosato Restaurant & Yakuzen Cuisine

Before or after bath, indulge yourself with our Yunosato Yakuzen Cuisine with FRESH and HEALTHY ingredients all cooked with TSUKINO SHIZUKU and GOLD and SILVER Water! Our sophisticated expert chefs cook Yakuzen cuisine with FRESH ORGANIC vegetables mostly from Yunosato Organic Farm with innovative approach for you! Pick your favorite from various selections of our authentic Japanese food menu!
Enjoy your meal at our comfortable Japanese tatami room with dining chairs!

What’s Yakuzen?
What is ‘Yakuzen’? ‘Yaku 薬’ = medicinal, ‘Zen 膳’ = cuisine, dishes.

The Chinese character ’Yaku 薬’ in Japanese means medicine. ‘Zen 膳’ consists of ‘月(moon, body)’+’善(good)’. ‘Yakuzen薬膳’ means eat or do something good for our body/health instead of medicine to stay healthy!

Categorizing food in 5 groups for Yakuzen theory and its roles

Acidity (sour taste) Strain muscles, try not to discharge body water
Bitter taste Cool down body and calm down inflammation
Sweetness Loosen tensed body and neutralize tastes
Spicy Warm up body and makes good circulation of body fluid
Salty Soften things. Enhance excretion.

For example, why ‘Sushi’ is not only popular in the world, but healthy? The reason of its healthy and nutritional balanced food is proved with ‘Yakuzen’ idea as Sushi ingredients below belong to :


  • sweetness.
    acidity & salty
    fish & seafood->salty
  • salty
    soy sauce
  • Spicy & acidity
    picked ginger
  • Spicy
  • bitter taste
    green tea

And each taste helps our body function such as :

Access to Spa Yunosato & Inn Konono

ゆの里館内のご案内 : Floor Map

1階 First Floor Reception, Gift Shop, Cafe, Shoe Lockers
2階 Second Floor Spa, Locker Rooms(separate room for ladies and gentlemen), Kids Room, Esthetic Salon
3階 Third Floor Japanese Restaurant and Okonomiyaki Restaurant
4階 Fourth Floor Meeting Room, Party Room(Karaoke room), Relaxation Room, Smoking section
  • Address
    898 Konono, Hashimoto, Wakayama, Japan
    Tel : (+81) 0736-33-1126
    Opening Hours : 10:00 am 10:00 pm
    Closed : on 2nd and 4th Thursday every Month
  • Admission
    Adult : ¥1,000+tax
    Child (4-12 years old) : ¥600+tax


ゆの里・こののへのアクセス : Access to Spa Yunosato / Inn Konono :

(by Train)
TO / FROM Mt. Koya or Namba Osaka : About 50 min. by Nankai Koya Line Express
FROM Kansai Airport :
1.Kansai Airport → either Tengachaya, Shin Imamiya or Namba station by Express
 (on Kansai Airport Line about 50 min.) + transfer there for Nankai Koya Line Express
2.Tengachaya, Shin Imamiya or Namba station → Hashimoto station by Express (on Nankai Koya Line about 50 min.)

(by Shuttle Bus)
TO / FROM Nankai / JR Hashimoto Station : About 10 min
Shuttle Bus pick-up sevice is available between Nankai / JR Hashimoto Station and Spa Yunosato / Inn Konono
* Shuttle Bus Time Schedule ☆
< Spa Yunosato & Inn Konono → Nankai / JR Hashimoto Station >
9:50 am 11:00 am 12:00 am 13:00 pm 14:10 pm 15:10 pm 16:10 pm 16:45 pm 18:10 pm
* Contact our reception for the lift to Hashimoto Station after 7:00 pm
< Nankai / JR Hashimoto Station → Spa Yunosato & Inn Konono >
10:30 am 11:30 am 12:30 pm 13:30 pm 14:30 pm 15:30 pm 16:30 pm

(by taxi)
TO / FROM Nankai / JR Hashimoto Station : About 10 min.

ゆの里近辺のご案内 : Nearby destinations

* Local Attractions:
Jisoin Temple About 10 min by taxi
Sanada an Temple About 10 min by taxi
Local Farmer’s market, ‘Yacchon Hiroba’ & restaurant (for lunch only) About 5 min by Yunosato Shuttle bus
Local Farmer’s market, ‘Yottetei’ & Sanada Yukimura history gallery, craft trial class About 10 min by taxi

What makes you SO BEAUTIFUL? WATER is a part of EVERYTHING!

Why Yunosato Cosmetics are SO SPECIAL?

Yunosato Cosmetics were ALL developed to keep your skin both BEAUTIFUL and HEALTHY! They ALL contain TSUKINO SHIZUKU, our original highly-nutritional mineral water and carefully selected ingredients for all types of your skin!

Why water is important for cosmetics? Needless to say, WATER is a part of EVERYTHING to function our body as well as our skin. We believe the better water we drink or use, the healthier for both our body and skin! At Yunosato, Tsukino Shizuku is not only for bath, meals and drinking, but for our cosmetics that enables you to stay healthy and keep shining!! In addition, plant extracts, fragrance-free, artificial colorfree with perfect cosmetic ingredients are inevitable to enhance the water quality of Tsukino Shizuku on our cosmetics! Why not make you stunning? Try and feel the difference after bath at our esthetic service with Tsukino Shizuku cosmetics between 10:30 am 4:30 pm.! Tsukino Shizuku Cosmetics are all types of skin such as normal, dry, oily, rough, sensitive, combination etc., and our expert cosmetic counselors will give you some advice individually at the Esthetic Salon.

Enjoy our esthetic service with TSUKINO SHIZUKU cosmetics after bath by our experienced estheticians!

Free Esthetic Service : About 10 min. First-come, first served reservation is required.
* Contact us or book when checked in!
* For the service, check in by 4:30pm at the Esthetic Salon on the second floor WITHOUT make-up AFTER BATH!
* Kids room next to the Esthetic Salon is provided.

Feel the moment of your beauty and happiness!

And feel like trying the beauty at home? Here is our products rage of Tsukino Shizuku Cosmetics.

Souvenirs from Yunosato

ゆの里のお土産 : Souveniors from Yunosato

How about trying souvenirs made with our highly nutritional mineral water, Tuskino Shizuku?

Something SPECIAL from Yunosato or our region?
Our ‘Original’ products available here are :
- Tsukino Shizuku (our original mineral water)
- Shinpi no mizu
 (=Silver Water, our spa water to spray for soothing or smoother skin)
- Yunosato cosmetics made with Tsukino Shizuku
- pickles made with vegetables from YUNOSATO ORGANIC FARM
- onion/red onion dressings made with vegetables from YUNOSATO ORGANIC FARM
- fruit jams made with Tsukino Shizuku
- bread made with Tsukino Shizuku
- sesame tofu made with Tsukino Shizuku
- tofu made with Tsukino Shizuku
- konjak (konnyaku) made with Tsukino Shizuku
- sake(Japanese traditional alcohol) "Ten no Mai" made with Tsukino Shizuku
- Japanese cookies made with Tsukino Shizuku

-others : gift shop (selling Japanese snacks, regional food souvenirs)


At Inn Konono, located nearby Spa Yunosato, only hotel guests or reserved drop-by guests can enjoy spa with our special blended water with called Gold, Silver and Bronze waters! Unwind yourself in our WARM BATH (above turquoise blue bathtub) blended with Gold, Silver and Bronze waters (Only available at Konono!) and the other, HOT BATH (above blue bathtub) with Tsukino Shizuku. Find new experiences something relaxing, cozy and refreshing!

Also, try typical Japanese breakfast, but our classic authentic style of cooking with Tsukino Shizuku. We cook white rice in our traditional rice cooker (iron pot) with Tsukino Shizuku for each guest just before your arrival at the table. Try our variation of regional homemade side dishes with the rice! Enjoy our healthy Japanese breakfast to start your fresh day! (For vegetarians, Tsukino Shizuku bread and coffee breakfast is available, but only when booked at check-in.)

Service :

  • Reception : 7:00 am 11:00 pm
  • Check-in 3:00 pm, Check-out 10:00 am
    Japanese style Breakfast(included in the room fee) Choose from 7:30, 8:30, 9:30 am
    (*9:30am breakfast allows you to checkout by 10:30 am)
  • Spa : see below for the details
  • Italian Restaurant ‘La Fonte’ : closed on Wednesdays
    Reservation is required for dinner.
  • Credit Card Accepted : VISA, JCB, AMEX
  • Parking

このの館内のご案内 : Floor Map

1階 First Floor Reception, Italian restaurant, Baths, Toilet
2階 Second Floor 3 single rooms & 8 twin rooms
3階 Third Floor 3 single rooms & 4 Family-type rooms
898 Konono, Hashimoto, Wakayama, Japan
Tel : (+81) 0736-33-1126
Opening Hours : 10:00 am 10:00 pm

こののサービス : Konono Guest Room provides you the free service of:

  • Air conditioning
  • Alarm clock
  • Hand Soap, Toothbrush, bath & face towels
  • Electric kettle
  • Refrigerator
  • Gold Water : Ask us for FREE refill during your stay
  • Tsukino Shizuku (our original mineral water)
  • Green tea leaves
  • Welcome sweets
  • Local & Cable TV(bilingual sound)
  • Internet access
  • Safe deposit box
  • Yukata (Japanese robe)
  • Happi Japanese jacket
  • Room slippers / sandals for outdoor

*Note : Bathroom isn’t in a guestroom, but only toilet.

*Optional service : Contact us during your stay for the service of

  • Wakeup call
  • Laundry service
  • Desk Lamp
  • Hair dryer
  • Wheelchair and bath chair for physically challenged
  • Crib for baby
  • Winter Happi Japanese jacket

Guest Rooms : 18 Guest Rooms

Single room
¥8,000+tax :
One bed (+ one extra futon available , plus ¥6,000+tax) x 6 rooms
Twin room
¥16,000+tax :
Two beds (+ one extra bed available , plus ¥6,000+tax) x 6 rooms,
Two futons(+ one extra futon available , plus ¥6,000+tax) x 2 rooms
Family-type room
¥32,000+tax :
Two beds + two futons (+ two extra futons available , plus ¥6,000+tax/set) x 2 rooms
Four futons (+ two extra futons available , plus ¥6,000+tax/set) x 2 rooms

その他のサービス : Other Facilities :

For our hotel guests, FREE spa at both Konono & Yunosato and esthetic services are available.

after check-in before check-out after check-out
Spa at Konono 7:00 - 11:00 pm 6:30 - 10:00 am -
Spa at Yunosato 10:00 - 10:00 pm - 10:00 am 1:00 pm
  • For Konono bath (First Floor), bring a bath towel set in your room with you.
  • For Yunosato bath (Second Floor), bring your bath (orange) ticket or your room key to Spa Yunosato. They’ll provide you a bath towel set.

ラ・フォンテの案内 : Italian restaurant ‘La Fonte’ :

  • Our Italian restaurant, ‘La Fonte’ provides you cuisines with FRESH ORGANIC HEALTHY vegetables mostly from Yunosato Organic Farm just picked up early in the morning. Our professional innovative chef uses Gold Water, Silver Water or Tsukino Shizuku for cooking to create and provide you the best possible flavor depending on vegetables, fish, and meat and its ingredients with his original recipes. So to speak, “the combination of Italian and Japanese Style WITH our waters”!! And you won’t be disappointed the unique healthy mouth-watering combination!!

    You can taste and experience them only here and we are for sure that will definitely entertain and satisfy you!!!

    Simply sit and laidback with a cup of coffee at our patio with peaceful
    Mt. Koya view after meal!